Monique Connell, a prolific and accomplished New Zealand silversmith with a passion for creating one-off handcrafted jewelry pieces, showcases a kaleidoscope of cutting edge, mixed metal and silver jewelry.  An intuitive collection forged from a deep sensitivity to the symbols used in ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Medieval and Celtic jewelry, this combined with Monique´s personal journey and familiar landscapes, which connect her to New Zealand and her home sea town of Akaroa, are all strongly represented in the jewelry pieces offered for sale on this site.

Purchase & Shipping Information:

If you’d like to purchase any of Monique´s pieces, please contact Monique by email or use the form on the contact page.  Be sure to mention the name of the piece you are interested in and include your delivery details.  Monique will then email you to notify you of shipping prices and payment methods.


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